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Blynk is a hospitality technology company. We help guests connect with hotels and restaurants via mobile devices.

We develop beautiful, customized hotel concierge apps and restaurant digital menu apps which you can use to connect with your guests on their smartphones and tablets. You can now be connected to your guests 24×7 and increase revenue by cross selling and upselling services.

Our hotel and restaurant apps work on Apple devices like iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch. They work on all Android devices, tablets and smartphones.

Our apps are easy to manage with a simple web based content management system that allows businesses to edit the content on the application without any difficulty or training. Business can receive alerts for guest requests via SMS, email or the web based content management system.

Guests can explore services via pictures, videos or 360* virtual tours, make bookings and reservations, see digital menus, order food and other services and do lots more via these apps. Mobile apps are great marketing tools for the hospitality industry to drive revenue by increasing direct bookings, orders and promotions.

Why Have a Mobile App?


Control your app content via web based Content Management System


Connect and engage guests with powerful features in the app


Drive revenue by increasing direct bookings, orders and promotions

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