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Does A Tablet Really Cost You Less Than A Dollar A Day?

Does A Tablet Really Cost You Less Than A Dollar A Day?

I never easily trust companies when they tell me the total cost of ownership of their products and neither should you trust us when we say that it costs less than $0.50 / day when you buy a tablet.

But many companies have started renting out tablets especially to travellers. The latest is that XCom Global has started renting out the Google Nexus 7 at, hold your breadth, only $1 a day. If you don’t believe us, check out their website at This means it must be costing them less than that, right?

Rent Nexus 7 Tablet

There are many ways you can experiment having your hotel app and tablets, all of which requires a very small investment. If it succeeds, you can scale it up.

  • Get an app for your hotel. With Blynk iHotel, this is the easy part :)
  • Buy a few tablets. You can give them to your premium guests for free. You can also try and offer them on a chargeable basis per day or even charge a safety deposit. Many hotels are doing either of these. Once you see, what works, you can buy more tablets.
You will never know until you try


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