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Digital Guest Feedback

  • Get guest feedback on smartphones or tablets
  • Instant Email alerts
  • Act immediately on negative feedback
  • Get powerful reports of historic trends
  • Use the same form on your website, tablets or smartphones
  • Have an app only for guest feedback

Monitoring guest feedback is critical for a hotel or restaurant. An unsatisfied guest can leave a bad review on social media causing incalculable losses.

Traditionally feedback is taken on paper forms. Top management cannot see the feedback instantly. There are chances that staff can filter out negative feedback before handing it over to management. To summarize and analyze all the feedback received is a time consuming task.

Digitize your feedback with Blynk Feedback. You can have beautiful feedback forms with pleasing animations. You can use the feedback form on your website, tablet or smartphone. You can also have your own app with the feedback form.

For hotels, the perfect way to implement this is to have a tablet at the front desk or reception with the feedback form open. While waiting to check out, guests can leave their feedback.

For restaurants, they can give the guests a tablet with the feedback form. A perfect way to leave a great last impression before the guest leaves.

See a demo of our gorgeous feedback forms.

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