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Blynk E-menu Apps

Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to enhance the design of your menus through custom Emenu Apps. The menu items become outdated, food items become temporarily out of stock or prices increase. Now you can ensure that your beautiful menus are always up to date. And your guests can interact with your menu even before they order the food.

Many restaurants do home delivery. Your customers call you to place an order. It’s a pain for them because it takes time. They get a busy tone or they have to shout the food names because your staff cannot understand it. And worse, your staff sometimes makes mistakes and every one argues who is right. It kills the customer’s experience and his appetite.

Now you can solve these problems by having your own mobile and tablet app, powered by Blynk. You can use the app on your tablets as restaurant menus. You can easily add and update menu items by a simple web based Content Management System (CMS). Any changes you make in the CMS gets reflected in your app instantly. Mushrooms out of stock today? Simply disable the Mushroom Risotto from your menu.

Your regular customers can download the app on their smart phones and tablets. Next time they want to place an order, they can easily do so directly from your app. You will receive the order via SMS, email or your CMS with the customer’s name, telephone number and address. If you want, you can call the customer to confirm or if he’s a regular customer, simply fire up the oven.

Your customers can also see your restaurant’s photographs, timings, location. They can like your Facebook page or leave a review on Yelp directly from your app.

Power the future of your restaurant, power it by Blynk.

Why Blynk E- Menu App? 


  • World’s first app platform for restaurants
  • Guests can order home delivery
  • Transparent, risk free, subscription based pricing
  • No do-it-yourself, designing included in nominal setup cost
  • Easiest and fastest way to launch your app
  • Simple web based Content Management System


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