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Test SMS and Email

Now there is an easier way to ensure that you do not miss guest requests to the new mobile number or email address that you have added in the Staff and Shift Master.

When adding a new staff or when changing an existing staff’s mobile number or email address, simply click on ‘Send Test Email’ or ‘Send Test SMS’ to test that this feature is working for the new mobile number or email address.

Missing guest requests is not an option, for you, or for us.

PDF Template

For some types of content, PDF is better than images. Some examples are,

  • multi page restaurant menu
  • spa treatment menu
  • hotel directory
  • emergency contact details

We are happy to announce that you can now show PDF content to your guests by uploading PDF files in the Control Panel. Look for a new PDF template as highlighted in the screen above and add your PDF file.



Location Number




In the earlier version, in Amenities template, you could not set the location number of content within Amenities. We have now added this field as you can see in the below screen.

Location Number

So now you can decide the order of the content by setting its location number. This is the same way like you do for other content in the Control Panel.

Guest Login


Everyone hates to remember a new password. So now your hotel guests have an easier way to login to your app. They can simply login with their ‘last name’ as the username and their ‘room number’ as the password. This is the same method commonly used to login to hotel Wifi also in many hotels.

Some of our earlier customers continue to use the method of giving their guests, the unique Guest Password which is auto generated by the Control Panel. So your apps will also accept the older method of ’email address’ as username and the unique ‘Guest Password’ as password also.


Congratulations to our first round of customers for having their hotel apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Mr Blynk wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are sure you’ll are busy planning your Christmas and New Year bash. Just a merry reminder that the customization options in your app, powered by Blynk, can let you a create a festive feel for your app too.

Like your hotels must be decorated, simply change the background of your hotel app to give your guests that merry Christmas feeling.

Digital Concierge - Merry Christmas

I never easily trust companies when they tell me the total cost of ownership of their products and neither should you trust us when we say that it costs less than $0.50 / day when you buy a tablet.

But many companies have started renting out tablets especially to travellers. The latest is that XCom Global has started renting out the Google Nexus 7 at, hold your breadth, only $1 a day. If you don’t believe us, check out their website at This means it must be costing them less than that, right?

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Mr Blynk wishes you a very Happy Diwali :)

It’s festive season, which means more guests, more events, more celebrations. At Blynk, we are always racking our brains to help you personalize your guest experience. The customizations that we built in Blynk iHotel, helps you to do precisely that.

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Once you have your own shining new mobile and tablet app, then what. How do you promote your app to your guests, how do you spread the word, how do you encourage guests use the app in the hotel. Below are some of the ways you can do this.

We will provide support to promote the app to your guests. Some best practices are as follows:

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Blynk iHotel Introductory Pricing

We saved the best news for the last :)

As hoteliers, you now have options to run your hotel app on a range of cheaper tablets starting from $125, or your existing in-room HD TV by spending $100.

And now you can have your hotel app for as low as $49 per month for the Express version and $99 per month for the Pro version. We have also made our lowly Setup Fee of $99 to $199, 100% refundable.

If you can’t believe what you just read, go ahead and read it again. It’s true.

We have launched our completely new introductory pricing for select first few customers only.

For complete pricing details and differences between the Express and Pro versions, please visit our website at

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