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TTF Ahmedabad H31

Blynk will be present at TTF (Travel & Tourism Fair) Ahmedabad from 16th to 18th August 2013 at The Gujarat University Exhibition Hall. Our booth number is H31.

Visit us to see how apps for your hotel can help you connect with your guests and drive revenue.

Future of Hospitality

A few days back, I gave a lecture on ‘The Future of Hospitality’ at IIHM Ahmedabad. It was a fantastic experience to share with the students, the impact of technology on the hospitality industry.

The idea was to give them an insight into new technologies which would have mainstream adoption by the time they graduated and joined the industry. The main topics were:

  • the impact of social media
  • cloud computing
  • the internet of things
  • virtual experiences
  • new input interfaces like voice, touch and gesture
  • the mobile revolution

While everyone seemed to know everything about social media and the mobile revolution, it was fun to give them an insight into other topics like cloud computing and the internet of things. Being in the technology business, for us it is normal to follow companies who are trying to connect door locks and bulbs to the internet. However, it was fascinating to see their reactions when they saw videos of such devices and how they could transform the hotel room of the future.

The lecture got me wondering that it would be a good idea to have similar sessions with hoteliers also. Everyone is so busy in taking care of daily activities that this would be a refreshing insight into the future and may give a fresh impetus to early adopters to differentiate themselves from the competition by implementing some of these new but existing technologies.

Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder, Blynk.

Blynk Newsletter


At Blynk, we are spending lesser time reading newspapers and watching TV news channels and are getting more and more of our daily news dose via newsletters and blogs.

Since we make mobile apps, it was ironical that our older newsletter did not look so great on mobile phones. Our latest newsletter design is more beautiful, more modern and best of all, is responsive. That means it scales as per your device screen and so is optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

We look forward to your feedback and we hope to continue sharing tips on how to serve your guests in a blynk.


Hospitality technology company, Blynk is offering hotels a free trial of customized mobile apps. Hotels who have been looking to jump on to mobile but have not yet done so, can now use this offer to experience the power of mobile apps, without any risk.

The trial period is for 2 months, no payment is required and there are no obligations to continue.

Blynk’s Head of Business Development, Sunny Goenka says “Blynk understands that hotels want to drive direct bookings. We have a plan to achieve this:

1. Connect with your guests via a mobile app.
2. Engage them by having powerful features which make it a must for your guests to download and use the app.
3. Drive revenues via direct bookings and promotions via the app.”

Vishal Dokania, Head of Technology says “All hoteliers know that they need to be on guests’ mobile and tablet devices. They are wondering how to go about it. We are so sure of the benefits of going mobile for hotels that we decided lets give them a no brainer way to go mobile. That’s why we came up with a risk free trial offer. Hotels can now have their mobile app in less than 2 weeks. They simply sign up and we do everything.”

Blynk has created Blynk iHotel, its platform through which it is able to create powerful apps for hotels. The app works on all Apple and Android mobiles and tablets. Hotels have access to a web based control panel to control their content. The apps have powerful features like e-menus, shopping cart, call back requests, booking forms, local weather, Google maps, video streaming, 360* virtual tours and more. The app also supports international characters.

Let the power of mobile transform your business. To get started with the Free Trial, email Blynk at or sign up on their website at

About Blynk

Blynk’s mission is to mobilize hospitality. Blynk iHotel is a platform to create powerful mobile and tablet apps for hotels through which, hotels can Control their digital content,  Connect with guests and Drive revenues. The app works on all Apple and Android mobiles and tablets. Hotels have access to a web based control panel to control their content. The apps have powerful features like e-menus, shopping cart, call back requests, booking forms, local weather, Google maps, video streaming, 360* virtual tours and more. The app also supports international characters. The app can be downloaded from the App Stores either on guests’ devices or on devices provided by the hotel. Since beginning operations in 2012, Blynk is now powering hotel apps globally from British Virgin Isles to Thailand and is growing at an exponential pace. Blynk was awarded ‘The Most Innovative Product’ by Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF), Ahmedabad and Mumbai in 2012. Know more about Blynk on its website at For more information, please call +91 9925245300 or follow us on Twitter @Blynkit.

Media Contact:
Mr. Hiren Yadav, Head Marketing
M: +91 9898 909 214
Skype: hiren.yadav1


Congratulations to our first round of customers for having their hotel apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.



We are excited to announce the launch of E-Menu Apps for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Lounges.

As a Restaurant, Cafe, Bar or Lounge owner, you might be looking for an easy way to have your own mobile and tablet app. Your guests can explore your property, connect to you via social media and see your menus. You can use the app on iPad or Android tablets and replace your menus. The whole city will talk about it. And you won’t have to wait for six months before you can make a change in your menu. You can now change your menu daily from a simple web based content management system.

If you do home deliveries, your customers now have an easy way to place orders of their favorite food without calling you.

Some key features:

  • Customers can place orders in your property or for home delivery
  • Transparent, risk free, subscription based pricing
  • No do-it-yourself, designing included in nominal setup cost
  • Easiest and fastest way to launch your app
  • Simple web based Content Management System

We invite you to take advantage of our limited introductory price offer. Plans start as low as $29 per month.

Contact us to sign up or to request a demo.


Mr Blynk wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are sure you’ll are busy planning your Christmas and New Year bash. Just a merry reminder that the customization options in your app, powered by Blynk, can let you a create a festive feel for your app too.

Like your hotels must be decorated, simply change the background of your hotel app to give your guests that merry Christmas feeling.

Digital Concierge - Merry Christmas

I never easily trust companies when they tell me the total cost of ownership of their products and neither should you trust us when we say that it costs less than $0.50 / day when you buy a tablet.

But many companies have started renting out tablets especially to travellers. The latest is that XCom Global has started renting out the Google Nexus 7 at, hold your breadth, only $1 a day. If you don’t believe us, check out their website at This means it must be costing them less than that, right?

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Mr Blynk wishes you a very Happy Diwali :)

It’s festive season, which means more guests, more events, more celebrations. At Blynk, we are always racking our brains to help you personalize your guest experience. The customizations that we built in Blynk iHotel, helps you to do precisely that.

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Once you have your own shining new mobile and tablet app, then what. How do you promote your app to your guests, how do you spread the word, how do you encourage guests use the app in the hotel. Below are some of the ways you can do this.

We will provide support to promote the app to your guests. Some best practices are as follows:

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