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Covid-19 Solutions

  • Project Samay
  • Sense Eye
  • Sense

Blynk brings you a set of revolutionary products that prevent disease outbreaks in public spaces. These products are suitable for Educational Institutions, Residential Enclaves, Transit Hubs, Healthcare Centers, Commercial Complexes, Offices, and Industries, etc. We welcome your attention towards these extra-ordinary COVID-19 Solutions.

Sens Eye.1 

Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer & Management System 
SenseEye.1 is a new-gen wall mount infrared thermometer and management system for the corporate businesses and public spaces. Sense eye.1 gives instant fever detection with high accuracy of 99.5%. The temperature data is recorded in the Sense eye.1 management system for analysis and decision making. 

Download the SENSE EYE.1 brochure

Sense Eye.2

Artificial Intelligent Footfall Counter

Sense Eye.2 is a new-gen Wallmount Camera & visitor data management system for corporate businesses and public spaces. Sense Eye.2 captures important visitor data like age, gender, repeat visit, visitor count, etc. All information is stored and can be used for various decision-making processes. Sense Eye.2 can be integrated with SenseEye.1 or Sense BioMetric Identification, Authentication & Sanitizer Stand for better people management. 

Download the SENSE EYE.2 brochure

Sense Eye.3

Infrared Thermometer & Sanitizer Kiosk

SenseEye.3 is a new-gen infrared thermometer, sanitizer kiosk, and management system for corporate businesses and public spaces.

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Sense Eye.4

Wi-Fi Human Counter System

Track people movement in your corporate premises

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Bio Metric Identity/ Authentication & Sanitizer Stand

Sense is a new-gen BioMetric Identification, Authentication & Sanitizer Stand. Sense is packed with powerful technologies to prevent disease outbreaks in public spaces. 

Height Mechanism: 2.5 to 6 feet. Suitable for Adults & Kids. 

Features of Sense

  • Biometric identification and authentication
  • Face mask recognition
  • Temperature detection
  • Automatic hand sanitizer
  • Face recognition for time and attendance
  • Dashboard for HR management

Download the SENSE brochure

Project Samay

Answer for Today, Solution for Tomorrow

PROJECT SAMAY brings you a SMART ECO-SYSTEM that prevents disease outbreaks in public spaces. 

PROJECT SAMAY’s infrastructure, the master-repeater ecosystem [DWAAR, UV PASS, MOBIMIST, & SENSE], and the dashboard [CHAKRAVIEW] will serve as the initial building blocks for an efficient & effective DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE for organizations to successfully face future PANDEMIC OUTBREAKS. 

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