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Hipmunk Launches New Hotel Search

Hipmunk Launches New Hotel Search

Below original article source: Hotel Insight Blog

This is why I love Hipmunk.  As you probably know, I’ve blogged about this company several times in the past, and their latest product enhancements are well worth a mention again today.  This time, they have introduced location-based searches.  We are not talking enter the city or airport and off we go – we are talking detailed locations and neighbourhoods e.g. “I want to be in the shopping district” or “I don’t want to be near the nightlife areas”.  Essentially users can now filter hotel results by traveler type and review curated neighbourhood guides to find the best hotels in the best neighbourhoods for their unique interests.  See Hipmunk’s positioning video.

Clever isn’t it?  What I like is that Hipmunk once again try to solve a problem that travellers trying to find hotel accommodation on numerous OTA websites struggle with time and time again – and this one’s pretty hard to get right.

For those who’ve not read my previous posts, Hipmunk is an online travel website using new technologies and search approaches to offer various travel options.  They created “Agony” search and sort options, claiming to ease the pain of searching for and booking flights using their rather different approach to the normal OTA formats.  Similarly, and as I’ve blogged about before, Hipmunk also have an “Ecstasy” sort to find the best hotels and home rentals.

To add some context to the latest announcement, Hipmunk announced its new hotel search product which now helps match travellers to the best hotel in the ideal neighbourhood or area for their specific interests and provides detailed neighborhood guides and local information making it easier for travelers to imagine staying in a given location.  Hipmunk’s new tailored hotels product will not only give travellers more context into booking their stay, it will also allow users to make their hotel reservation faster than any other competitive travel search site.

“Travellers are used to the hassle of toggling between hotel sites, maps, reviews, and online destination guides in order to find that perfect hotel,” said Adam Goldstein, Hipmunk CEO“Hipmunk now serves as your hotel matchmaker, and we’re thrilled to be the first travel site to offer all that information in one place to provide faster and more insightful booking decisions.”

Features of Hipmunk Hotel Search include:

  • Map-based Results — Hotel results are displayed on a map so users can visualize the destination and hotel options within that destination.
  • Neighborhood Guides – Proprietary information sourced by travel writers local to the destination, which recommend the best places to stay in a given destination based on personal travel style and needs.
  • Traveller Type Filter – Traveler type filter is incorporated into the search, allowing users to find neighborhoods best for business travel, romance (straight and gay), exploring and families.
  • The Best Hotels — Top hotels ranked by a combination of rate, amenities, and reviews, are highlighted on maps.
  • Options – Multiple booking options, including directly with hotels.
  • Calendar Integration – User meeting and event locations are plotted on the map alongside hotel results in that destination, allowing users to find hotels with the best location relative to a user’s meetings.
  •  No Dates Search – Users can search for hotels within a city without entering a specific date range, allowing them to explore a destination without certain travel dates in mind.
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