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Hotel IPTV Solution : Make Your Room TV Smarter!!


Everything your guest needs to know about your property and community is just a click away!

Today’s busy hotel and resort guests want their information to be easily accessible and visually appealing.  After the arrival of customers, they may have questions that can be answered using your dedicated TV channel – information about your real estate, equipment, local attractions, events and more.

In-Room TV entertainment is currently constrained with limited content options, not as per guest preferences. Now you can upgrade your existing TV systems into Smart TV systems cost-effectively irrespective of current TV brand by using Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution. Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution opens up an enormous amount of possibilities to work on new revenue streams along with engaging your guests effectively. 

Start increasing the nights of the room by promoting your property, amenities, packages and promotions, and associated properties. Bring your guests on a tour of your property through your own TV channel information channel. You can even provide travel tips and other useful information to enhance the guest experience.

IPTV, VOD:- Live TV over Internet (700+ International TV Channels covering 18+ countries)/Movies & TV Shows (1000+ Movies & TV Shows series from Netflix, Google, Amazon, Hulu etc

Benefits of Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution


  1. Replace expensive, unnecessary magazines, signs, directories, and brochures etc

  2. Promote your hotel and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering you another indoor sales staff always in service

  3. Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution can be easily customized to accommodate groups and conventions, informing them of meeting times and schedules

  4. Promote community and visitor spending with local restaurants, stores, and attractions/events.

  5. Remote updates, anytime

  6. Streams in your hotel news, local weather conditions, or current events by an RSS feed

IPTV Features

  1. Enjoy Free to Air Channels.

  2. Access International TV Channels, covering 18+ countries.

  3. Enjoy on Demand movies, TV Shows, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu at your leisure.

  4. Handpicked Education, Games, Cartoons, Knowledge content for kids.

  5. Enjoy millions of Android apps, shopping, bill payment, Internet browsing.



Exceptional Guest Experience

Delight your guests with an interactive TV experience and thus the guests leave happy, willing to book there again and recommend the place to others.

Nurture Guest Loyalty

Ensures great hospitality to the customers through hotel services which evolves expectations and demands of hotel guests.

Drives New Revenue

Provides an opportunity to promote and cross sell other relevant products or hotel services to guests which opens a way to increase revenue.

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