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Hotel IPTV Solution : Make Your Room TV Smarter!!


In Room TV entertainment is currently constrained with limited content options, not as per guest preferences, language will be a problem for foreigners. For providing Hotel IPTV Solution, sometimes guest will also face limited Wifi signals while they are inside their room. Now you can upgrade your existing TVs into Smart TV cost effectively irrespective of current TV brand by connecting a MunguTV box (a small box) into any TV with a HDMI cable/port. It can be positioned discretely without being visible by guests. Hotel IPTV solution opens up enormous amount of possibilities to work on new revenue streams along with engaging your guests effectively. Your customers gonna love it!



Exceptional Guest Experience

Delight your guests with an interactive TV experience and thus the guests leave happy, willing to book there again and recommend the place to others.

Nurture Guest Loyalty

Ensures great hospitality to the customers through hotel services which evolves expectations and demands of hotel guests.

Drives New Revenue

Provides an opportunity to promote and cross sell other relevant products or hotel services to guests which opens a way to increase revenue.

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