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What information, content do you need from us to setup the app?


Some of the content we need are as follows. Images and text of:

  • Logo
  • Restaurant and in-room dining menus – images or PDF
  • Hotel information – text, images, videos
  • Hotel services – text, images, videos

How fast can our app powered by Blynk Hotel be launched?

Within 1 month after we receive your content.

How can Blynk Hotel help increase RevPAR?

As per our research of the market and other products, we expect an estimate:


  • Increase in Room Service Bill by up to 12%
  • Increase in Restaurant Revenue by up to 8 %
  • Increase in Direct Marketing Revenue by up to 22%
  • Increase in Internet Revenue by up to 7%

Along with the above there are other benefits that will increase your hotel’s RevPAR, such as:

  • Efficiency and Error reduction
  • Staff Reduction
  • Customer Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Greater Brand Value
  • Shopping – Merchandise, Local bookings
  • Increase in Spa and Golf Revenues by up to 4%

What is the minimum Internet speed and bandwidth requirement to use the app?

Your current Internet connection should do in most cases. 1 mbps broadband is enough.

Can the guests use the hotel tablets to surf the internet for free?

Option 1) Give guests free Internet access on your tablets. In this case, the same Internet connection used to run the app will be used by guests to use other apps and Internet.

Option 2) Hotels can only allow internet access by the Blynk iHotel app and so if guests want to surf the Internet, they will have to pay. For this, the hotel only needs to setup their Internet gateway to allow Blynk server IP address.

What happens if Internet connection is down? Will the app still work?

If Internet connection is down, the app will not work and will show a network error message.

Can guests use the app when they have not checked in?

Yes, guests can use the app to browse through hotel services and information. Only they cannot order or place requests.  

Is there any subscription lock in charges or period?

There is none. You can cancel the subscription any time.

What are payment methods?

You can pay by PayPal, credit card, cheque or online bank transfer.

On which smartphone, tablets and TVs will my app work on?

Blynk iHotel can work on

  • iPads and iPhones
  • Android tablets and smartphones
  • any Television via Android PC device which costs approximately $100.

Can we rent tablets instead of buying them?

Yes tablets can be leased from leasing companies. If required, we can refer one to you. Normally, it costs less than $0.50 per device per night to lease a tablet.

Does our hotel staff need any training to use Blynk Hotel?

They need very basic training of less than a few hours. We provide free online training and support which is enough in most cases.

What about hotel guest data privacy?

We confirm that we shall not share, use with anyone or contact any hotel guest directly for anything, anytime. For larger chains, we can discuss and put systems in place to ensure that guest data cannot be accessed by us as well.

How will the app be upgraded with new features?

We will upgrade the app directly on the App Store. All users can then directly update the app from the device itself, free of cost.

Can the pricing change in future?

Blynk reserves the right to change the pricing structure in future. However, existing customers will always be given reasonable advance notice. We will always have an extremely simple and transparent pricing structure in the best interest of our customers.

What are applicable Taxes?

VAT or Service Tax may be applicable in some countries.

How will hotel staff get message notifications?

When a guest makes a request on the app, the hotel staff will get a notification via

  • web based Dashboard
  • SMS
  • Email

Can Blynk Hotel be integrated in hotel’s existing software system / PMS?

Yes, Blynk Hotel can be integrated in a hotel’s existing software system / PMS. 

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