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Leasing iPads To Your Guests, A Growing Trend?

Leasing iPads To Your Guests, A Growing Trend?

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If guests can pay US$ 20 for internet for a day in a hotel, they might be more than happy to pay a similar amount to rent the most desired gadget, an iPad.

This seems to be the thinking behind a host of new rent-an-iPad services targeting travelers.

Singapore based TouristPads rents iPads to tourists with preloaded apps and unlimited internet access for US$ 25/day.

PadInTheCity, a similar service based in Spain, rents iPads for US$ 35/day. They claim to have grown from only 10 iPads to more than 250, in just a year.

The trend has started in hotels too.

Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco made news as one of the first hotels in San Francisco to start renting iPads for US$ 15/day.

Langham Palace Hotel in Hong Kong is another hotel which has iPads available for rent for its guests.

Hotel Stureplan, in Sweden rents iPads for US$ 15/day.

TravelVu, based in Canada, lets hotels rent iPhones or iPads at US$10/day. The catch for the low price is that they run their own advertising platform, so your guests see local ads.

Most of the above services charge a deposit against damages to the device. After the guest returns the devices, the iPads can be easily reset to a predefined setting by the hotel, removing security or guest privacy issues.

With Blynk Hotel’s success pricing model, it’s easy to try out a similar service in your own hotel. A hotel can start with buying a few iPads and offering it on rent to their premium / suite customers and can scale up based on guest feedback. It’s a risk free model to try and the extra press release to be one of the first few hotels doing this, won’t hurt :)

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

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