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Mobile Friendly Website

  • Almost 40% traffic to your website is from mobile phones
  • Is your current website suitable for mobile phones?
  • Are you losing reservations because your visitors cannot easily browse your website on mobile devices?
  • Do you have separate websites for desktops and mobile phones?

All device websites are the latest technology in website design. You can have one single website which formats perfects on any device, any screen size. The website automatically detects the screen size and formats the data on the fly. No need to have 2 different versions of your website for desktops and mobile devices. You also have access to a Content Management System so you can make changes to your website content.

This means your visitors see a website which they will love to browse from any device. If they reach your website from a mobile device or tablet, they will continue to explore your hotel and make reservations.

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Pricing: $499 onwards

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