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The Blynk team, hard at work on a video conference call!

We are super excited that Blynk Hotel is now available on the iTunes app store.

The app is a demo that shows you how your hotel app would work. The content on the app is fully customizable directly from the internet.

You can have your hotel’s app like Blynk Hotel, up and running in a matter of days :)

To download the app, click here.

Our website is now live! Few changes pending but we could not stop ourselves from sharing it :)

Luxury hotels are upping the ante for high-tech, simple, guest control. The ability to manage your room and account, plus communicate with the front desk and other hotel staff electronically is becoming standard in upscale hotels across the globe.

Blynk Hotel is going to be at the forefront of this, for hotels across the world :)

Link: Excellent article on using Pinterest by Hotels


Find out what’s been pinned from your website by going to*yoururl* (replacing *yoururl* with your hotel’s website address eg – you might be surprised.

Blynk Hotel, our revolutionary iPad based hospitality solution for hotels, coming soon!

Link: We are on Pinterest!

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MobileAccess helps you ensure superior cellular and wi-fi access for your guests within your hotel building and premises.

A satisfactory access to cellular and wi-fi network in your hotel is a must. Do an audit of this and if you are not satisfied, contact this company.

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