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We are super excited to share that Blynk’s Hotel Magazine has become THE magazine for hoteliers. It is by far the number one magazine for hoteliers all over the world. In it, you will find the latest news and tips for hoteliers.

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Highlights from the article in Tnooz.

Mobile Buy Now


For the proactive hotelier the opportunities are endless but those that don’t pounce on it are destined to be left in the dust by their more savvy competitors.

For hoteliers, making sure your website is mobile enabled, accessible and user-friendly across all platforms is the critical first step. Once this has been undertaken, general managers can then begin to look at the infinite amount of ways to improve the hotel experience and potentially increase their revenue in the process.

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Highlights from the article in eMarketer.

Hotel App Features

Apps are a great way for hotels to personalize guest services, and hotels are using them for a range of purposes.

Many, if not all, of these services have long been provided by hotel staff, but mobile apps allow those offerings to reach much greater scale.

It’s this combination of customer service and engagement that makes mobile devices such a potentially effective means for hotels to connect with their clients.

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Marriott Mobile App Check-In


We were reading the popular book ‘The Elephant Catchers: Key Lessons for Breakthrough Growth‘ written by the co-founder of one of India’s leading IT company Mindtree.

in the book, to our pleasant surprise, we came across the following case study of Marriott, which we would like to share with you.

Marriott International, a leader in the lodging industry, is exploring ways to use technology in order to optimize profit across its properties, increase the efficiency of its selling processes and enable delivery of impeccable service.

Marriott ‘mapped’ the stress levels of the typical traveller. The study revealed that when a guest leaves home, the individual’s stress level is high. When he or she reaches airport security, the stress level rises further, and then lowers as the person settles down inside the plane. It goes up again when the plane lands and during the wait at the baggage area, and expands, rises and falls from the time of boarding a taxi to the check-in line at the hotel reception. It reaches the lowest level when the guest finally crashes in the hotel bed.

Accordingly, Marriott focuses on the peak levels in the stress maps and looks for ways to use information technology to reduce the levels at the corresponding points of experience. In the future, Marriott’s guests may use an app in a handheld device to check into the hotel before arriving. On arrival they can proceed straight to the room, use their smart phone at the door to enter and, of course, they can order room service before reaching the hotel.

At Blynk, we could not explain our mission better than above. You can reduce your guests’ stress levels today by offering these services, with your white label app, powered by Blynk.



At Blynk, we love reading about technology and one of our favourite websites is The TechPanda. So of course we are excited to share that they recently wrote an article about Blynk.

When wives meet, they chat sarees, kids and husbands. And more often than not, they insist the resisting husbands to meet up, atleast once. Vishal & Sunny’s wives were friends and managed a local charity. Upon their insistence, the husbands met, and the rest they say is history!

Blynk has found a need in niche hospitality segment and high end hotels would be definitely willing to have apps complement their premium service. A strong team and a definitive target market are Blynk team’s assets.

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Infographic from the article ‘Hotels faced with new challenges as the average age of guest drops’ in Tnooz.

Mobile emerging channel for planning, booking and on-site activities.



Read the full article here.

Guest Feedback Form


Monitoring guest feedback is critical for a hotel or restaurant. An unsatisfied guest can leave a bad review on social media causing incalculable losses.

Traditionally feedback is taken on paper forms. Top management cannot see the feedback instantly. There are chances that staff can filter out negative feedback before handing it over to management. To summarize and analyze all the feedback received is a time consuming task.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new product Blynk Feedback. With Blynk Feedback, you can now easily digitize your guest feedback process while creating a lasting impression. You can have beautiful feedback forms with pleasing animations. You can use the feedback form on your website, tablet or smartphone. You can also have your own app with the feedback form.

For hotels, the perfect way to implement this is to have a tablet at the front desk or reception with the feedback form open. While waiting to check out, guests can leave their feedback.

For restaurants, they can give the guests a tablet with the feedback form. A perfect way to leave a great last impression before the guest leaves.

  • Get guest feedback on smartphones or tablets
  • Instant email alerts
  • Act immediately on negative feedback
  • Get powerful reports of historic trends
  • Use the same form on your website
  • Have an app only for guest feedback

To see a demo of our gorgeous feedback forms, click here. See pricing details on our website.

International Language

We are excited to announce that your apps can now support all international characters. So if you have guests who speak different languages, go ahead and add content in those languages in your app. A typical scenario would be to support your native language for local guests, English and other languages for international guests. Hotels can now have their apps in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or any other language.

Congratulations to our below customers for their spanking new mobile apps. 

Resort Rio, Goa

Rio Resort

Resort Rio, a five star luxury deluxe spa resort in Goa, is nestled on the banks of the Baga river.It is just a 5 minute drive from the famous Baga beach and is known for its architecture and hospitality. The hotel is rated as one of the best 5 star hotels in Goa due to its convenient location to major attractions namely Goa’s famous night markets and renowned beaches.

Deltin Suites, Goa

Deltin Suites

At Deltin Suites, you can savour a home away from home in India’s Party Central. Part of the Deltin Group family of hotels, their latest resort offers 86 rooms suited for everyone’s taste, whether you are a family with kids or just a group of friends looking for the best of a Goa vacation.

Hotel Hindusthan International, Pune

HHI Pune

Presenting HHI with a experience that welcomes you to a new approach into Hospitality. Here elegancy and courteous services makes them the finest business hotels.

Silent Shores Resort and Spa, Mysore

Silent Shores

Silent shores, the best retreat this side of heaven!

Spread over a sprawling 20 acres of sheer tranquility, Silent Shores has 57 well appointed guest rooms that are elegantly furnished with an array of modern amenities to satisfy the accommodation needs of discerning guests in Mysore.

Peninsula Grand Hotel, Mumbai

Peninsula Grand

With its genuine warmth, impeccable service, and quite efficiency, Peninsula Grand Hotel Mumbai is more than just a deluxe business class hotel in Mumbai.

Apple Country Resorts, Manali

Apple Country

Apple Country Resort- Simple Luxury Living!

The natural aromatic resin of the coniferous trees pervades the pleasant fresh mountain air. Look out into the tranquillity, the Apple Country Resort lives patterned on nature. The resort is elegantly embedded in the surrounding landscape of lush greens and enchanting mountains, silent valleys and bubbling creeks and the sweet scent of apples.

Camp Exotica, Manali

Camp Exotica

Camp Exotica is a heaven located on Kullu-Manali bypass. They have captured the romance of luxury tents which have always been an important part of exotic lifestyle. Camp Exotica is heaven far from the crowd and surrounded by green devdar trees and icy mountains in a very peaceful environment. Camp Exotica offers a unique experience of cozy camp where the traditional & coloured tents are luxuriously furnished with every comfort.

Manvar Desert Camp & Resort

Manvar Desert Camp

With five star luxury fort and palace hotels mushrooming across the state of Rajasthan, not many young Rajput men gave thought to preserving the real way of life in the desert and sharing it with those who care to travel and see behind the veil of make believe. Moti Singh Rathore, a direct descendant of the Thakurs of Shergarh thought of doing this. To him the location was ideal – an area far, far away from the sounds and sights of urban chaos and closer to the captivating quietude of rural Rajasthan. He dreamed of creating an experience in the area that was not quite the regular heritage hotel one often finds in Rajasthan today.

Pluz Resort, Silvassa

Pluz Resort

Pluz is derived from Spanish word “luz”, which means light. Pluz Resort believes in kindling the world with light of hospitality, simplicity, convenience, style, warmth, modernity and yet affordability. Situated in the greens of Silvassa, the resort is in sync with nature which is packed with light, the very essence of sight.

Text Boxes

Till now, we only supported plain text. You could not format the text like you are used to in Word. We have now upgraded the text box so you have the same powerful text formatting options like in any regular word editor.


Guests can click on a hyperlink within any article and directly open the website. So you can link your website pages, websites of local businesses (you can also charge them for clicks from your app) and so on. (See our earlier post on Hyperlinks).

Rich Text

Till now you could only have plain text. But now the app supports Rich Text. You can change the font, font size, colors, make your text bold, add bulleted lists. Make your text more readable and highlight important points in the article.

Embed Images

In the old version, we have 2 templates to show your beautiful property to the guests.

Picture – Text and Picture Gallery. In Picture – Text you can add an image and the image is placed by default first and the text follows. This template is still there. In the Picture Gallery template, which also is still there, you can show slideshows.

However now you can have greater control of how the images are visible. In the text template, you can embed images wherever you want in the article. This could be used in many powerful ways. For example, you can use this to add social media icons at the bottom of every article.

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