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App Usage Google Analytics

We are excited to announce the release of new feature. All our customers will now receive powerful app usage analytic reports, powered by Google Analytics.

You will receive the report every month by email.

The report will give powerful data on app usage.

  • Number of users
  • Amount of time they spent
  • Devices used
  • Which pages the guests visited

From these reports, you can tweak the app content to further engage guests and to plan your in-app advertisements.

iPad Kiosk Stand

More and more hotels are installing iPads at their lobby front desks. There is a lot of useful information that hotels can display to their guests on these tablets. For example, latest foreign exchange rates, slideshows of their hotel or activities of the day. Our customers have their hotel app, powered by Blynk, so guests can actually interact with the app while they are waiting to be checked in.

Below is a list of worldwide suppliers who manufacture and deliver tablet kiosk stands. We also continually add more suppliers as we discover them on our online support desk.

India, ships worldwide

The Mobile Indian
India, ships within India

UK, ships worldwide

UK, ships worldwide

Image Holders
UK, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide


Test SMS and Email

Now there is an easier way to ensure that you do not miss guest requests to the new mobile number or email address that you have added in the Staff and Shift Master.

When adding a new staff or when changing an existing staff’s mobile number or email address, simply click on ‘Send Test Email’ or ‘Send Test SMS’ to test that this feature is working for the new mobile number or email address.

Missing guest requests is not an option, for you, or for us.

PDF Template

For some types of content, PDF is better than images. Some examples are,

  • multi page restaurant menu
  • spa treatment menu
  • hotel directory
  • emergency contact details

We are happy to announce that you can now show PDF content to your guests by uploading PDF files in the Control Panel. Look for a new PDF template as highlighted in the screen above and add your PDF file.



Location Number




In the earlier version, in Amenities template, you could not set the location number of content within Amenities. We have now added this field as you can see in the below screen.

Location Number

So now you can decide the order of the content by setting its location number. This is the same way like you do for other content in the Control Panel.

Guest Login


Everyone hates to remember a new password. So now your hotel guests have an easier way to login to your app. They can simply login with their ‘last name’ as the username and their ‘room number’ as the password. This is the same method commonly used to login to hotel Wifi also in many hotels.

Some of our earlier customers continue to use the method of giving their guests, the unique Guest Password which is auto generated by the Control Panel. So your apps will also accept the older method of ’email address’ as username and the unique ‘Guest Password’ as password also.

TTF Ahmedabad H31

Blynk will be present at TTF (Travel & Tourism Fair) Ahmedabad from 16th to 18th August 2013 at The Gujarat University Exhibition Hall. Our booth number is H31.

Visit us to see how apps for your hotel can help you connect with your guests and drive revenue.

Future of Hospitality

A few days back, I gave a lecture on ‘The Future of Hospitality’ at IIHM Ahmedabad. It was a fantastic experience to share with the students, the impact of technology on the hospitality industry.

The idea was to give them an insight into new technologies which would have mainstream adoption by the time they graduated and joined the industry. The main topics were:

  • the impact of social media
  • cloud computing
  • the internet of things
  • virtual experiences
  • new input interfaces like voice, touch and gesture
  • the mobile revolution

While everyone seemed to know everything about social media and the mobile revolution, it was fun to give them an insight into other topics like cloud computing and the internet of things. Being in the technology business, for us it is normal to follow companies who are trying to connect door locks and bulbs to the internet. However, it was fascinating to see their reactions when they saw videos of such devices and how they could transform the hotel room of the future.

The lecture got me wondering that it would be a good idea to have similar sessions with hoteliers also. Everyone is so busy in taking care of daily activities that this would be a refreshing insight into the future and may give a fresh impetus to early adopters to differentiate themselves from the competition by implementing some of these new but existing technologies.

Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder, Blynk.

Highlights from the article in EyeForTravel.


There is no magic formula for achieving a high ranking on TripAdvisor but what we do know is that a meticulous approach is essential. A big part of that is hiring great people, people who love to serve.

Whether hotels like it or not, they cannot ignore TripAdvisor. Not only do people today write reviews, they also read reviews in the course of planning a trip. Not all happy guests will write a review but it is increasingly recognised that people are more likely to write a positive review than a negative one. That is more than enough reason to take the satisfaction of guests seriously.

Read the complete article here.

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