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Ramee Guestline Hotel

Ramee Guestline Hotel

Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments and the Ramee Group of Companies is the brainchild of Mr. V.M ( Raj) Shetty, Chairman and Managing Worker. It is the vision of the Chairman to diversify in to products and services related to the hotel industry in the future as well.

Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments is a multi-national group currently operate and manage 25 hotels in the excellent standards mid market segment as hotels, resorts and apartments in UAE, Bahrain, Oman and in India. Each year, the company has grown step by step in adding more hotels and the group is moving forward with its ambitious plans to acquire more hotels. Beside offering quality accommodation at the hotels, the group also specialises in Restaurants as well as in live entertainment and have established and expanded some of the brands which have now become world renowned. Rock Bottom Café, Bollywood Café, Mirchi, Elegant Beauty Saloon have created waves in their respective market internationally.

The group employs more than 3000 employees from 15 countries across the globe with global management and marketing expertise at its hands.

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