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Highlights from the article in EyeForTravel.


There is no magic formula for achieving a high ranking on TripAdvisor but what we do know is that a meticulous approach is essential. A big part of that is hiring great people, people who love to serve.

Whether hotels like it or not, they cannot ignore TripAdvisor. Not only do people today write reviews, they also read reviews in the course of planning a trip. Not all happy guests will write a review but it is increasingly recognised that people are more likely to write a positive review than a negative one. That is more than enough reason to take the satisfaction of guests seriously.

Read the complete article here.

Is Your Hotel ‘Liked’ on Social Media?

Link: Excellent article on using Pinterest by Hotels


Find out what’s been pinned from your website by going to*yoururl* (replacing *yoururl* with your hotel’s website address eg – you might be surprised.

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